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Imensity Marketplace is an inspirational launchpad where new brands and their creations are brought to life for all to see.

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How it works

Access to New Stuff – Before Anyone Else

Small businesses from more than 140 countries globally are able to post their latest and greatest innovations here, giving you instant access to worldwide firsts before they hit mainstream commerce.

Connect Directly with Your Favourite Brands

Imensity makes it easy to find, follow, and speak directly with the brands you love with innovative social features. For a truly personalised experience, you are invited to be part of this groundbreaking marketplace.

Limitless Shopping Categories 

Free yourself from the limitation, and shop across a huge range of styles and categories with ease. From beauty products to clothes and furniture; whatever you need, imensity delivers beyond your expectations.

Complete Peace of Mind with Secure Shopping 

We have created an ultra-secure marketplace that enables you to make payments using the most popular and secure methods only. Relax and shop with ease with the backing of fully-encrypted e-commerce.

Searching is Easy

The imensity marketplace is designed to make it quick and easy to find the things you want. Using intelligent search engine design, finding the things you love has never been easier.

Easy Shopping – Wherever and Whenever You Like

The imensity platform is designed with you in mind. Regardless of the device you choose, the entire searching and shopping experience is fun, relevant, and designed to fit around you.

Direct Courier Connection

We know that keeping you informed of your order’s progress gives you peace of mind. With real-time tracking from over 550 international couriers worldwide, you can check and track the progress of your parcel with ease.

Shop Local – Support Your Friends

Our businesses and brands are created by people who are just like you. By following their passions, they take innovative commerce to new heights. Buy with ease from small businesses around the world, in an instant.

For Our New Brands and Businesses

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How it works

Talk to Real Customers, Real Easy

The power of the imensity marketplace is truly groundbreaker. You can communicate, create, promote, and chat with your fans, followers, and new audiences in an instant. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it helps your brand to grow. Our clever chat systems make it easy for you to talk with new prospects and retain your customers.

Manage your Stats and Sales at a Glance

The business dashboard has been lovingly created with your brands and business in mind. It is straightforward and simple to everything you need in an instant, anywhere, anytime.

Manage and Grow Your Business

Imensity is designed for businesses just like you. It takes the hassle out of running and scaling a business by giving you access to world-class e-commerce features that can help you increase sales and followers.

Marketing Made Easy

You can increase traffic to your products by creating targeted promotions, offering discounts, or by using our alerts and notification features to your followers and customers in an instant. Get access to a range of powerfully intuitive e-commerce marketing tools.

B2B and B2C Markets Covered

Regardless of whether you sell into consumer or business clients, we’ve got you covered. Our marketing campaigns will enlist both consumer and company clients; giving you access to a new audience for your business is all part of the service.

Start Selling in a Matter of Minutes

The platform has been designed to help you get up and running in minutes. It’s easy to upload your products and get started quickly.

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